Caring for God's children each step as they grow.

Stepping Stones Preschool offers classes for children 15 months old (by Sept. 1) through Pre-K. We provide a curriculum that encourages whole child learning, self esteem, and social skills. Our students are grouped according to maturity and development. Each classroom has an age appropriate environment where the children learn from each other, as well as the teacher.

Children are provided a variety of educational opportunities including: learning centers to explore, planned activities in art, religion, creative movement, music, cooking, gardening, nature and much more!  Reading, phonics, math, history, science and geography skills are developed in the daily curriculum.  

Our student/teacher ratios are low affording each child individual attention as needed. We have a maximum ratio of 8:1 for the 3’s and 4’s, 7:1 for our 2’s, and 6:1 for our toddler children. Every classroom has a teacher and an assistant.  Enrollment is limited to help achieve these goals.

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Our Vision

A Place to Belong
We believe each person is a child of God, and therefore worthy of love, acceptance, and encouragement. We seek to provide a place where the nurturing of children is of the highest calling.

A Place to Become
We believe we are made in the image of God and given the capacity to create. We seek to provide to all children opportunities for their cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual growth.

A Place to Make a Difference
We believe that God's love is given freely to all of us. We seek to build a staff that is valued for their commitment to children, and a community where parents of all cultural, ethic, and economic backgrounds are embraced for their uniqueness in our world.

McCall Griggs, Director of Stepping Stones Preschool (352-416-3073)

Anne Dale, Assistant Director (352-416-3049)

Preschool Office (352-416-3025)

Elizabeth Jones, Director of Children & Family Ministries (352-416-3045)