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Yoots Weekly Shout out, early edition...
Hey There,

What, you love puppies and kittens!?  Us, too, and we have 3 more spots available to go to the Humane Society tomorrow to help give some love to puppies and kittens!  We already have 7 forms turned in, so we only have 3 spots left to the first people who get their forms in.  For everyone else, whether you don't like cute animals (gasp!), have allergies, or want to join in on GSP at the last minute, there will be a group of us staying at Trinity to make notes of inspiration for the families at the Ronald McDonald House.  And of course, we will be at Moe's for lunch at 12noon, om nom nom.  Come eat and serve with us, these are two of our favorite things.

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Small groups will NOT meet tomorrow night, because we are having a blast keeping up with so many of our Sonlight friends in Jamaica!  If you haven't seen the pictures yet, but you want to, you can follow them on Facebook at Sonlight Youth Choir and Band FANS.  

Small Groups WILL resume on Sunday night June 25th.  13RW will resume their discussions while our second small group of service will be writing letters to some of our neighbors who may need a note of love and encouragement, as well as finishing door signs for the families at the Ronald McDonald house.  Meet us in the Youth Building from 5:30-7:30pm.

NEXT Wednesday, the 28th, we will be going back to visit our friends at the Homeless Coalition in St. Augustine for the full day!  We will have some beach time in the morning, have lunch over there, and then play with our friends before coming home.  Let us know if you're planning on coming so we make sure to have enough room for everyone!

Okay, that's it from us for this weekly shout out... can't wait to see you all this week!  Prayers for safe travels, camps, adventures, Sonlight tours, and everything else ya'll are up to!  Keep spreading the love of Christ in all that you do.

much love,
your yoots staff

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